High impact Accelerators

The Chalfont Project Accelerators are short interventions with teams that deliver high impact solutions to critical business issues.

Proven Methodology

Large scale engagements over a broad range of industries have generated several stand alone powerful interventions from The Chalfont Project; we call them Accelerators because they drive results – fast.

The Accelerators are designed as a one-day intense immersion into the world of managing innovation.

Devised to challenge you and your team(s) to adopt apparently ‘impossible’ changes, the process results in a more aligned, engaged and healthier team with a clear action plan for change.

“An intense and thoughtful day long exercise in which The Chalfont Project, through a process of critical thinking, led the team to examine the positive and negative merits of 30 controlled challenges to the status quo within our organisation.  The outcome was a clear plan of commitment and accountability and great engagement within the 60 strong sales team.”

Critical Thinking

A total of 30 ‘ideas’ are dissected by the participants. People are asked to assess the ideas on their own merits, imagining the impact for the organization. The seminars use a process of critical thinking around the various ideas and a mechanism to challenge assumptions about the positive or negative merits of each idea.

Some people are charged with the role of defending an idea while others with challenging the idea, explaining why “they will never work”. Even the most controversial or counter-intuitive of ideas force critical thinking and prompt participants to imagine the kind of organization which could result from introducing such management ideas fast!

A set of ideas chosen and implemented from the next day

The outcome of the Accelerators is not theoretical.  Delegates adopt a small set of chosen ideas – the ones which survive scrutiny and were voted as those with the greatest potential to have immediate impact. The outcome is a personal or team plan for immediate implementation and potential follow up.

Powerful means of team alignment and commitment

This Accelerator is suitable for management teams, divisional groups or an entire section of the company. It has been run very successfully with groups of 10 to 15 people and also 30 to 60. The dynamics are of course different depending on the size of the group but it delivers similar innovative outcomes and has proven a powerful means of team alignment and commitment to a plan of action with accountability.

Before the engagement

We will discuss with you the desired impact of the Accelerator

  • We will send you a simple, yet structured questionnaire to make sure that we understand the environment, the context, the challenges even the language of the organization. We both will have a clear picture in our minds.
  • We will discuss on the phone any points arising from this questionnaire
  • Depending on the size of your group and other circumstances such as whether your  Accelerator is to be repeated with other groups in your company, we will send the participants a short online survey to determine The Disruptive Index© of your organization. This is a measurement of the ‘innovative thinking’ of your organization in management terms and its readiness to change and improve further perhaps taking courageous steps. If the logistics of time or size or other make this survey impractical, don’t worry, we will deliver similar high value without it and will incorporate the ‘self-assessment’ during the Accelerator
  • We will provide you in advance with a delegate pack for each participant. Similar to the above, during our conversations we will determine the extent of the pre-seminar reading or preparation for interventions at the work groups appropriate to your delegates.
  • We will advise you on the physical set up, the environment and the seminar facilities to maximize the success.

After the event

If desired, we will hold a follow up session with you as a sponsor to (a) feed back on the learning from the Seminar and its dynamics and (b) to maximize the potential implementation of the Disruptive Ideas.

We will be glad to discuss with you the suitability of our Accelerator and any other angle that may help you.


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