What are Disruptive Ideas?

Surprisingly Simple

They could be implemented immediately in your organisation.

Zero Cost

Disruptive Ideas are usually very cheap or free to implement.

High Impact

Often disproportionate between their simplicity & their impact.

Viral Possibility

Disruptive Ideas can become viral very easily.

The Disruptive Ideas Accelerator

Devised to challenge you and your team(s) to consider/adopt apparently ‘impossible’ changes, the process results in a more aligned, engaged and healthier team/division/unit with a clear action plan for change. A total of 30 ‘ideas’ are dissected by the participants in one day. People are asked to assess the ideas on their own merits, imagining the impact for the organization.

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When to run Disruptive Ideas?

  • Create fast alignment of teams and large groups.
  • Inject a common sense of purpose around elected ideas that are immediately implementable at low cost.
  • Use an off-site or away-day in an innovative way.
  • Inject new thinking and possibilities.
  • All of the above?

The Accelerators

The suite of Accelerators designed by Leandro Herrero at The Chalfont Project have been created with the business needs in mind, in a fast moving environment. They compress diagnosis and plans, create a common language and inject incredibly fast alignment in teams and large groups.

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Get Certified

Experienced HR/OD/L&D professionals, business leaders and organizational facilitators can qualify to obtain a Certified Associate status for one or more Accelerators. The process of Certification starts with an application form and then a Skype interview. An intense full day is spent with Leandro Herrero or a senior member of his Organisational Architects to ensure effective knowledge transfer and training on materials and processes of the Accelerator. We run public Certification sessions several times a year. For in-house Certification, this is usually run in your premises and requires a minimum of professionals to be Certified at once. Please get in touch to discuss this in detail. The Certification allows the professional to run the Accelerator(s) chosen. A subsequent annual license is require to continue its use.

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What are people saying?

"The Accelerators by the Chalfont Project are dynamic, highly effective interventions that help clients get to the heart of their issues as well as challenging the existing wisdom that all too often hinders progressive, innovative thinking."

"The accreditation process was most enlightening, because the process permitted us to not only explore the rigour and theory, but also test the practical application of the tools."

"My favourite product so far is Disruptive Ideas!"

"All in all; a breath of fresh air and a catalyst for focused thinking, reflection, planning, prioritisation and action."

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