The Chalfont Project’s Accelerators are fast-track high-impact interventions with teams of varied sizes. They deliver high impact solutions designed for smart people in organisations that have a sense of urgency and want to get rid of endless brainstorming and sophisticated recycling of old ideas.

You believe you can lead such an intervention?

If so, join us and benefit from our years of experience in designing and delivering innovative, proven methods that accelerate a range of organisational vision such as behavioural change, innovation, leadership, team cohesion and/or alignment.
We provide you with a comprehensive set of tactical steps, situational examples, decision-making tools and communication guides. We also guide you on how to identify the right buyers of these interventions, how to position the benefits of this approach and how to price your services.

The Accelerator practice license is for you, if you are:

An innovative practitioner who wants to use impactful, proven methods and tools to accelerate a range of organisational solutions to issues such as behavioural change, innovation, leadership or team cohesiveness and alignment. A succesful intervention intends to provide faster, successful business outcomes in a less traditional way.
Your colleagues on the Associate Programme will be:
• Individuals who are responsible for leading and implementing cultural change, leadership development, team alignment, group coaching and innovation programmes in their employer or client organisations.
• Member(s) of consulting firms who lead and deliver high profile, business critical business and cultural transformation projects for their clients
• Individual practitioners who provide  business outcomes for their clients by ‘thinking outside of the box.’

Please contact us for further information, including registration details and professional fees.
Further information about the Certified Associate Programme and the other models available for accreditation is available by contacting or by telephone at +44 (0) 1494 730999.

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