A set of 30 ideas that challenge conventional managerial wisdom. Each one on its own is capable of generating change inside an organization if the delegates follow the action plan resulting from the Accelerator.

The ideas are divided in three major areas; processes, structures, and behaviours. Using inductive reasoning we create a big picture of the status quo challenging the delegates with questions and insights that are not common in an MBA setting.

Reboot! uses 12 diagnostic cards to uncover enablers and blockers in the organisation that are relevant to strategy or operations or both. Using plain language, (no MBA jargon), these pieces of diagnosis appeal directly to the knowledge you have about your team and your organization.

These cards will prompt you, for example, to look for the ‘elephants in the room’ or the ‘sacred cows’. Once all the pieces of diagnosis are out in the open, the group will project itself to an agreed future (a few months, a year, a few years…) creating a Game Plan that follows the format of the diagnosis (so, for example, the elephants will have to be hunted… the sacred cows sacrificed…)

Innovactions focuses mainly on the behavioural side of innovation and how those behaviours interact with processes and systems. This Accelerator explores the adoption of a particular set of behaviours in the organization, a set can be implemented immediately once we have dealt with possible barriers. Innovactions does not pretend to solve all the problems of innovation in an organization, but injects fresh thinking in a team. Then can then immediately implement specific actions, bypassing months of theoretical discussions. Most process and systems base innovation programmes lack the behavioural side and therefore fail

Applied Critical Thinking provides a pragmatic framework to install rigour in the organization, from decision making to broad strategic thinking, and from the simple individual discipline to a group effort. The Applied Critical Thinking framework allows the individuals in the organization to be mindful of biases and fallacies; when possible to avoid them and, overall, to learn how to establish a discipline of enquiry across the board. Critical thinking is not just something that privileged brains do or ‘have’, but something that can be learnt, and that grows the more you practice.

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