Challenge in your organization


1. Internal Clocks
2. Decisions pushed down (and in real time)
3. Scan for talent, find a job
4. Fix accountabilities (if nothing else)
5. Fake project beat Outlook
6. Un-cluttering
7. 3-way, 365 performance appraisal
8. Face it, don’t email it
9. Less PowerPoint, more stories
10. Be imperfect


1. Go to source (and turn the volume down)
2. Keep promises
3. Collaboration (‘the volunteers’)
4. Reward outputs
5. Behave like an investor
6. Respect the past, leave it to archaeologists
7. Ask the question
8. Lose control
9. Can it be done differently?
10. Take the walk


1. Team 365, the team that (almost) doesn’t meet
2. Double hats (one boss is not enough)
3. Shadow jobs
4. Everything a project
5. Management by invitation
6. Fixed-term teams
7. Network, not more teamwork
8. Support functions are businesses
9. Membership bids
10. Home effects

Disruptive Ideas go beyond verticals and technologies. They are global social-organizational concepts that date back to the fundamental roots of day to day management. We help you invoke these ideas and challenge conventional wisdom. You will question the status quo of traditional MBA-style management practices. Disruptive ideas are described under three categories: processes, structures and behaviours; each one carefully organized to maximize the impact following a common line of thought.

We bring Disruptive Ideas to life for our clients in a practical and highly effective way by leading and facilitating intense, high impact learning interactions for groups of 15 people or more; each of the three areas is dissected, challenged and used as a source of inspiration for practical business application by our intervention clients.

Lateral thinking and ambitious goal setting are expected from the group. This is a powerful combination, that applied to the unconventional wisdom of our intervention results in a sizeable shortcut of pseudo brainstorming. Participants end up collectively embracing a set of ideas and specific plan to implement them after the full-day intervention. We call it Radical Management Innovation, if you need fast-acting high-impact solutions for any team look no further than to the Disruptive Ideas Accelerator.


Suprisingly Simple

They could be implemented immediately in your organization.


Zero Cost

Disruptive Ideas are usually very cheap or free to implement.


Viral Possibility

Disruptive Ideas can become viral very easily.


High Impact

Often disproportionate between their simplicity & their impact.

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