Who We Are

Building remarkable organisations and engaging people

…is the business of The Chalfont Project and has been our hallmark for more than a decade under the direction of Leandro Herrero, CEO and founder.

Large scale consulting engagements over a broad range of industries since 2000, have generated acclaimed methodologies such as Viral Change™ along with other powerful stand alone interventions that we are now delighted to offer to a broader public in the form of one day seminars.

“Shaping tomorrow’s organizations today. Making today’s organizations remarkable”

We believe that if you want to build a remarkable organisation, and are ready to challenge your status quo, we are your organizational architects. If you want the best leadership, if you want a collaborative environment, instil radical management innovation and master change, we promise you’ll have them. Work with us.

We won’t tell you things just because you want to hear them, but we will tell you the truth. We will advise you, work with you and promise to make a difference. We don’t do ‘small difference’. We work with people with courage and ambition, who see possibilities, who have a sense of urgency and who want to make a difference in their worlds – teams, leaders, companies, society. Also, we don’t do misery.  Pain is sometimes inevitable but misery is always a choice. Warning: we have a bias for behaviours in everything we do. Others may ignore them in favour of processes or structures but for us there is no change of any kind unless there is behavioural change.

Our approach to Building Remarkable Organisations is a little different to typical consulting firms; we are a team of experienced practitioners who are also commercially grounded and thrive on sharing our knowledge and experience for the long term benefit of our client– no big teams of MBA graduates here or ‘land and expand’ strategies that commit you to very costly programmes that just seem to never end – and often don’t deliver!

We are the masters of short, high impact interventions that address business critical problems of strategy, leadership, management alignment or innovation.  We have condensed into one, high intensity day demonstrable outcomes that traditionally took weeks or months of discussions, meetings and often frustrating processes.  Our short interventions are very powerful, proven to work very well in companies large and small by rapidly accelerating results and they offer an excellent return on investment. Above all, these high value products have been created with the innovative practitioner in mind; people who want to use impactful new methodologies and tools that create successful outcomes in a less traditional way.

We call these interventions Accelerators  because they work extremely well resulting in rapid team learning and immediate, practical implementation of new ideas.

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Dr Leandro Herrero, co-founded The Chalfont Project 13 years ago. He leads the consulting organization and personally runs leadership and change programmes across the world. He is the author of five management books: The Leader with Seven Faces (2006), New Leaders Wanted (2007), Viral Change (2006, 2008), Disruptive Ideas (2008) and Homo Imitans (2011).

Caroline Tierney leads The Disruptive Ideas Programme and is co-founder of The Chalfont Project. She has many years of management experience both as a hands on leader of interdisciplinary global teams and as organizational consultant.

Lucy Marshall is the Head of Communications of  both The Chalfont Project Ltd and Viral Change Global LLP. Lucy leads Dr Leandro Herrero’s Speaking Engagement Programme and coordinates the Disruptive Ideas Seminars.

Serap Enver is the Head of the UK office of both The Chalfont Project Ltd and Viral Change Global LLP. Serap leads the new Accreditation Programme for Disruptive Ideas and works with Lucy Marshall to make the in-house and public seminars remarkable events.