About Disruptive Ideas

Real change and business transformation, fast!

Think of Disruptive Ideas as controlled injections of challenge to the default position within the organization. Amongst other things these ideas challenge the status quo; a real challenge to the ways things have always been done.

Dr. Leandro Herrero, in his book of the same title, defined Disruptive Ideas as those which  ‘provide unconventional management alternatives that, if spread, can completely transform the way the organization works without the need for a massive change management programme. Each of them in its own right has the potential to create significant change, but the compound benefit of a few of them is a real engine of change and business transformation’.

Disruptive Ideas are:

  • surprisingly simple,
  • have a total disproportion between their simplicity and the significant impact in the life of organizations,
  • could be implemented immediately,
  • usually have zero cost or are cheap to implement,
  • are most likely to be contrarian and counterintuitive,
  • have some risk of being trivialised or dismissed and
  • can spread virally very easily.

Critical Thinking around structures, processes and behaviours

Disruptive Ideas transcend innovation or technology and go back to the fundamental roots of day to day management in any kind of organisation, challenging conventional wisdom. In the book  30 disruptive ideas are described under three categories: processes, structures and behaviours.

We bring these to life for our clients in a practical and highly effective way by leading and facilitating  intense, high impact learning interactions for groups of up to 60 people ; each area is dissected, challenged and used as a source of inspiration for practical business application by our workshop participants.

Critical thinking and ambitious goal setting is expected from the group; with this powerful combination, the teams we partner with short cut months of pseudo brainstorming to collectively embrace a set of ideas and a specific plan to implement them from the following day. We call it Radical Management Innovation.

Disruptive Ideas explains the maths of Viral Change™; the compound power of a small set of rules bringing true business transformation. 10+10+10=1000.


Viral Change™ is an industry acclaimed, and widely implemented in organisations large and small the world over, approach to large scale behavioral change. More information http://www.viralchange.com